Sunday, April 28, 2013

Foxy Stole Stuff

My oldest niece Molly was lucky enough to select me in our family Kris Kringle!

She asked me: "What would I like?"

I have a standard reply to this question, 

" Chocolate and anything with fur on it!"

The first is always easy but most people find the second more challenging...

Not so for Molly.

This what she came up with...

No photo's of the chocolate as that was eaten long ago but,

this rather unique fur bag to store my roll up shopping bag in!

And also the left over fur from this project!

Which was enough to make this...

 Fox Fur stole

 Thanks Molly!

This make inspired a few other Foxy projects...

Brooch Components:

I found this funny little furry fox head at the second hand store.
It's one of those things that either totally creep you out or totally love...
I loved him and wanted to see him have a more useful life as a brooch.

Here he is pinned to a little crochet purse that Tiff made me.

And here he is pictured next to my latest Vintage Winter Coat find.

I think they look good together!

Sleepy Fox wreath

Kim made me this little Sleepy fox for me.
He had been sleeping quietly in my craft room for some time...
Then I had a vision of him sleeping on a mossy bed,
under the stars and he is a lot happier!

This led to another idea for an old friend of mine...

The Shaggy Cow

I bought this Shaggy Cow as a keyring while travelling in Scotland back in 1999!
I used it for a while, then something must of happened and he got put aside.
He would turn up every now and again but I could never quite part with him and now I'm glad I didn't, because he looks so cute in his new setting!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Urban Stitches Melbourne

Tiff, Wendy, Gill and Me met Vanessa and Leighah in Melbourne to attend the
2013 Urban Stitches

We had a great time!

The road trip is an event in itself...

We stopped in Hamilton and called into Hazel Greens where I picked up some Merchant & Mills supplies...

We stopped in Penshurst to eat lunch at this amazingly cool cafe that was totally decked out with retro everything...

Cafe Baghdad

This was just the 'Orange' display cabinet!

I totally want to do this at home...
Colour coded displays
It would look absolutely crazy, but such fun!

We stopped in Geelong at the Kaisercraft Outlet.
I got the things I need to make this...

This store has loads of projects to look at and is quite inspiring.

And our last stop on the way, was at Ikea...

And I found this sweet little trolley...

 And now it is mine!

It is now mandatory for the driver to stop at any second-hand/antique/junk/op-shop
seen along the way, as well as fabric and craft shops!

That was a 12hour trip from departure to arrival!

Urban Stitches

Baby Bug, Lady Bug

 It is supposed to be a rattle, but I made mine to be a pin cushion.
This is a new project by Melanie McNeice of Melly & Me.

 Picollo, Picollo


This is a sweet little felt project by Simone Gooding of May Blossom.
The pattern calls for a knitted nest, but my knitting is not so good so I crocheted - or hobbled together a fabric raggy nest, whiched worked out well enough that Gill got me to make one for her... and Wendy wants one too!

Jodie Carlton's Peg Bag project - a Ric Rac pattern.

A nice one to hang in the Laundry.

Rosalie Quinlan's Sewing Compendium.
Very Sweet.

Here's Tiff working hard!

Ness multi-tasking,
texting & sewing!

Some of the lovely items on display.
Patterns for these sweet things were available to purchase.

May Blossom Bunny

Simones Foxy Love softies

Jodie's Map Bag

And this is fab! I love it!

Jodie's mini Laundry Mangle
What a great display piece.

Pretty Felt & Fabric 

I found a small window of opportunity in between eating, laughing and sewing
(probably in that order), to do a bit of shopping.

Pizza, Pyjama's & Pina Colada's

Saturday night we dressed down in our jammies and ate pizza and drank pina colada's, well some of us did anyway...

We played games and there were prizes!

We got into teams and made an Alfoil Handbag?

This is the one I helped make.

And here they all are together...
(photos didn't do them justice!)

And lastly some very terrible pictures of us all having a bit of a laugh...


Looking forward to next time!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hanging out the Washing

A while back I procured some coffee bags.

I carefully stashed these away for that extra special project.

One of the coffee bags is slightly different, and made of a fifty-fifty hessian / plastic mix.

I thought that this would make an excellent peg bag.

Out in the elements etc.

I gave one of these to Kate, as a house warming gift.

Two are hanging outside at my house, one on the Hills Hoist and one under the Veranda.
(How Aussie is that?).

I followed a tutorial by Maya Donenfeld at Apartment Therapy

They look good.