Sunday, September 30, 2012

Carve it Up

A few months ago I sent some of my Lino Prints
to Cloth Paper Scissors for a reader's challenge.

Carve it Up

To my delight one of my prints was published, along with many others actually...

But still...

Here they all are, see if you can tell which is mine.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Road Trip

No trip to Daylesford is complete without a visit to

I do so love that little shop.

It is totally full of gorgeous fabric.

I absolutely could not go past this...

Or this...

And these little bits wanted to come home with me too...

We also called in to the The Crafty Squirrel

Where I stumbled upon some wonderful things...


We called in to see Jo at the Elephant Patch in Creswick
spent a few hours stitching.

I made these little sweeties.

Nice wool off cuts to be found at Creswick Woolen Mills,

and Ribbons from Daylesford.

Also this thrifty find...

So many lovely things to found...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daylesford Craft Experience

We have just been away to the Daylesford Craft Experience.

Here is a recently finished project from last years Experience...

Craft Clock - A Ric Rac pattern

The presenters this year were

Jodie Carleton of Ric Rac


Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches

Here are a couple of excellent pics of us,
taken on Kate's iPhone - at the end of the day...

The following photos are the samples of the pattern projects
we were given as part of the deal.

Firstly Natalie's Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams - Bag

Butterfly Dreams - Stitched Canvas

Butterfly Dreams - Needle Holder

Jodie's Patterns

Cafe Bag

I am going to make mine in the blue.

Robots Three

Woodland Christmas - Santa

Woodland Christmas - Tree

I have completed a Woodland Christmas set since getting home,

I decided against the tree decorations,
and I think maybe Santa needs a mouth.
Perhaps just a couple of stitches under the centre of the moue...

We also received some lovely goodies in our take home bag...


I won a prize...

A great fun weekend away!


Monday, September 10, 2012

The Gifted Cat

Following the success of the softie mouse...

I thought I would give a little cat a go.

I'm calling it the Cat & Mouse softie, since I used the Mouse pattern body and just added a different head...

I suspect there is a bit of room for improvement there!

But the little sweetie I gave it to seemed happy, so all is good.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mermaids Like to Read

A few weeks ago my niece had her 5th Birthday.

I was told that Mermaids were the 'thing'.

I decided to have a go at drawing a mermaid to make a stitchery, suitable to make into a library book bag for school.

I used some pet Prints Charming fabrics that I had been carefully hoarding for some time, only to discover that this range has now been released in Spotlight stores...


I also made a little softie mouse.
This comes from a pattern by Clare Youngs and is in the book
Christmas Crafting in no Time.
And even though I am seriously hysterically petrified of mice,
this one is kind of cute.

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

SA Rural Women's Gathering

The 16th SA Rural Women's Gathering


I have just been to my 4th Rural Women's Gathering,
They are such fun!

It was great to see other's from around the state that I have met at previous gatherings -  there is so much packed into the weekend you really can't slow down too long to have big catch ups!

Lot's of yummy food, excellent workshops and fabulous guest speakers.

Fantastic delegates bags full of goodies.
and I was rather impressed with the merino wool t-shirt we were all given by Visione - an extremely generous gift.

Prizes & Give-aways.

The 3 workshops I took part in were:

Funky Fabric Flowers, here is my creation...

Weld Your Own Rake

I was so excited about this workshop.

Turns out I am not the best at welding...

I might try soldering instead seeing as I am quite good with a hot glue gun I feel I may be a better solderer than welder - welding is hard!
You have to virtually weld in the dark
covered by a claustrophobic face mask...
Not good.

Still, I am reasonably happy with my Rake...

Which I never intended to use as a rake but...

A jewellery Hanger!

Limestone Sculpture

I have done a little bit of Limestone Sculpting before, but it is fun, so I thought I would have another go.

It is a pear.

I plan to put a metal stem in it
so it will look something like this when it is finished.

The Keynote Speaker Saturday Evening was Ita Buttrose

She is taller than I imagined her to be.

I've had a lovely weekend.