Saturday, June 23, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Earlier this month a got a bit excited about all the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
and decided to join in the fun.

I made some little button wristbands with diamante crowns on them...

I enjoyed making these, so I made lots and gave one to Kate, Lisa, Sharon, Tiff and Wendy - so I wouldn't be alone in my celebrating...

Diamond Jubilee Silhouette Phone Pouch

I do so love the little silhouette stamp!
I think I might do some more of these for my market stall.

Union Jack Skirt

It is a little bit hard to see, since it is black on black but I have used twill tape, pleating and stitching detail to make the Union Jack and one of the little diamante Crown buttons in the centre.
It is only on the front right side of the skirt.

I am really happy with how this worked out.

Having Fun!

And of course the outfit wouldn't be complete without a crown...

I viewed two similar tutorials online and picked the best of both to make my own.

Tea anyone?

Wendy's Birthday Gifts

Wendy requested a Hot Iron Travel Pouch for her birthday,

here is what I made for her.

This is it opened. You slide your iron in the pocket and leave the cord out.
You can wrap it around the centre (I have re-enforced the seam here) or just sort of scrunch it up and fold it closed - whatever the case the cord is separate from the irons and I have used insulated batting so it should be safe enough to pack away warm.

I had this made with time to spare...


 I made this little union jack pouch.

This piece of fabric came with a magazine.
I think it was a Crafts Beautiful... maybe.
I also used the buttons that came with the last Mollie Makes magazine.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Caravan Cushion

Caravan Cushion

This has been about a year in the making - well the stitchery part anyway, the actual pillow came together pretty quickly.

I am quite pleased this is finished.

This is a nice simple pre-printed design by Kristen Doran.
It is also one of the patterns we received in the goodie bag at the 2011 Daylesford Retreat.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Vintage Pretties

How excited I was when I saw this little bit of loveliness
on the rummage table out the back at St. Vinnie's.

It is a little planter vase thingy, I'm sure it will be very useful...

I also found this little basket too.

I made a little tray liner for it, and then this little blackbird flew in and started nesting here.

Doiley Necklaces

I once saw a tutorial here at Love Maegan

I tried using chain , but I didn't think much of that so I have used lycra strapping instead.

I also kept the doily whole and used eyelets where I threaded the lycra through to help stabilize it where the point of weakness is.