Sunday, February 17, 2013

Handmade Wardrobe

I like to make skirts.

The week the kids went back to school,
I decided I would make a new skirt to go with a necklace my friend Donna gave me.

It kind of snowballed.

 This is where I started.
Skirt to go with new necklace (hanging on the left).
An A-Line skirt made from purple stretch linen.
I added a couple of pockets to the front to jazz it up a bit.


 Next up was a plain black stretch linen A-Line (you'll start to see a bit of a theme here),
to be worn under my apron overlays.

This Sashiko panel finally became an Apron Overlay in January after about 2 years of procrastination about what I should make with it!
My friend Kim did the Sashiko work on the grey wool and gave it to me saying
"I know you will make something great out of this", the pressure!
It nearly became a lunch bag and then suddenly (after I had already made one cut)
I stopped and thought again.
I'm glad I did. I will enjoy wearing this.


Natural Stretch Linen A-Line Skirt.
Very Plain

Multi Task Tote
Pattern by Anna-Maria Horner
I have to say although this bag looks reasonably basic, the pattern gave me a really hard time.

Another of my little Apron Overlays.
This is not my usual colour scheme, this is very beige for me.

Heart design in Black Grey and Burnt Orange.


Apricot Print Skirt.
Another one that is not my usual choice, a bit outside the square...


Black and White Jersey Knit Skirt.


Super Stretchy Dark Purple Skirt


Super Stretchy Red Skirt.


 I want to wear this apron as a skirt overlay, but it just hasn't quite worked.
I am re-thinking it.

 Plain Black jersey knit skirt.
Very comfy.

Cafe Bag, pattern by Jodie Carlton of Ric Rac
This is one form last years Daylesford Retreat.

 Linen Skirt and Cafe Bag.

I can proudly say - or perhaps - be embarrassed to admit...

that I had all this in my stash.

Well, the truth is...
You can't actually notice a difference in my skirt fabric stash after taking all this out!

I might make some more...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Treats

I made myself some lovely goodies for Valentines Day...

 This little sewing treat bag.
The love heart stitchery was a freebie design with Sew mag once, I can't remember what the project was now - but when I saw it amongst my stash of good stuff I was inspired to make the little linen bag.
Then I needed to fill the bag with nice things so I got to work on a x stitch heart pin cushion a felt heart scissor fob and the sweet little envelope, which holds a packet of needles.
I got the idea for the envelope from Clever Charlotte.

 I thought of another way to use the Love stitchery.
I am really happy with how this looks.
Oh, and a linen brooch that I whipped up there in the bottom right corner.

 I made this gift tag using the freebie template at nanaCompany.

and I got these flowers, I must have an admirer!

Christmas Decorating

I went to town decorating for Christmas...
Indoors and Outdoors!





Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12 Days of Family


12 Days of Family Christmas

Treasure Hunt

Afternoon Tea

1. Christmas Pudding
I made these self covered button decorations for Vanessa

I received these Caramel Crown Pudding biscuits from Annie

2. Donkey

I made this Travel Sewing Kit set for Carol

and I received this stitchery from Penny.

Which I made into this Mug Rug.

3. Water

 I made this Cloudy Day Mug Rug for Tiff, following a pattern in the Zakka Style book.

I received this Origami style drawstring bag from Bev.

4. Purple

 I made these For Gill. a Sashiko Bag
 A Zippered Pencil Case

 And this little scissor keep.

and Gill made me this Belly Dancing Bag.

5. Toadstool

 I made these little Lavender bags and

these little drawstring bags for Bev.

 I received these toadstool crochet pots from Tiff and a couple of woodland mushrooms too.

6. Red Riding Hood

  I made this drawstring bag for Penny

  And also this delightful linen bag

and I received this fabric covered cork board in an embroidery hoop from Carol.

Here on display with the woodland mushrooms.

7. Caravan

I made this softie caravan for Annie.

I received this book and bookmark from Vanessa.

8. Froggy Love

 These are the things I gave to Vanessa

 A drawstring bag

 A fabric bucket

 and a coin purse

And I received these paper boxes filled with Freddo frogs from Annie.

9. Red Robin

 I made this button brooch for Carole

and this little felt purse.

and I received these things from Penny, some sculpey pins a felt bird and a mono print.

10. Birdcage

I did a delightful linen bag with some birdcage print fabric on it for Tiff and I can't have taken a photo of it, so I must do that one day...

I received this cushion from Bev.

11. Owls

I made one of these for Gill, this is actually the one I made for myself, I must have missed taking a picture of the one I made for Gill.

  Gill made this framed stitchery for me,

and this Christmas apron.

12. Hessian

I made these bookends for Bev.

Tiff made me this pear doorstop and also gave me some lovely linen hessian too.