Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Market Inspiration

After a market I am always full of inspiration to make lots of stuff...

I haven't really done much, but the ideas are there!

After talking with Sue of Sew Sewn about reading the magazine Mollie Makes I decided I was definitely going to make the little purse kit that came as a freebie with the most recent issue.

Here it is...

I made my own fabric choice -

and I like!

I await to see what Sue comes up with...


  1. LOL I made mine up today, I just have to charge my camera battery pack and take a photo.

    I love the look of yours, very cute.

  2. Hi Hun could you send me an email via myvintagevow@bigpond.com I need to speak with you about the Op Shop Christmas swap and I couldn't find a way of contacting you privately fom your blog.