Sunday, August 19, 2012

SA Rural Women's Gathering

The 16th SA Rural Women's Gathering


I have just been to my 4th Rural Women's Gathering,
They are such fun!

It was great to see other's from around the state that I have met at previous gatherings -  there is so much packed into the weekend you really can't slow down too long to have big catch ups!

Lot's of yummy food, excellent workshops and fabulous guest speakers.

Fantastic delegates bags full of goodies.
and I was rather impressed with the merino wool t-shirt we were all given by Visione - an extremely generous gift.

Prizes & Give-aways.

The 3 workshops I took part in were:

Funky Fabric Flowers, here is my creation...

Weld Your Own Rake

I was so excited about this workshop.

Turns out I am not the best at welding...

I might try soldering instead seeing as I am quite good with a hot glue gun I feel I may be a better solderer than welder - welding is hard!
You have to virtually weld in the dark
covered by a claustrophobic face mask...
Not good.

Still, I am reasonably happy with my Rake...

Which I never intended to use as a rake but...

A jewellery Hanger!

Limestone Sculpture

I have done a little bit of Limestone Sculpting before, but it is fun, so I thought I would have another go.

It is a pear.

I plan to put a metal stem in it
so it will look something like this when it is finished.

The Keynote Speaker Saturday Evening was Ita Buttrose

She is taller than I imagined her to be.

I've had a lovely weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the great post...we have our NSW rural women's gathering coming up 12-14 October in Parkes...
    So good to see these events thriving across Australia! Sonia NSW Rural Women's Network