Monday, June 11, 2012

Vintage Pretties

How excited I was when I saw this little bit of loveliness
on the rummage table out the back at St. Vinnie's.

It is a little planter vase thingy, I'm sure it will be very useful...

I also found this little basket too.

I made a little tray liner for it, and then this little blackbird flew in and started nesting here.

Doiley Necklaces

I once saw a tutorial here at Love Maegan

I tried using chain , but I didn't think much of that so I have used lycra strapping instead.

I also kept the doily whole and used eyelets where I threaded the lycra through to help stabilize it where the point of weakness is.

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  1. Hello my lovely, as usual you find the cutest things, love the doily necklaces.