Sunday, June 19, 2011

Felting Workshop

I have just spent the last two days making a dress / tent / dress - I just don't know anymore!
OMG it has already been mistaken for a sandwich board!!!
And here is the creation...

Sadly it really is not going to be worn as a dress however all is not lost I might be able to make it into a skirt or maybe a jacket and am open to any ideas.

This is #1 wearing the sandwich board.

This is a picture taken earlier on in the workshop while we were all still smiling.
After 2 full-on days of rubbing my tent dress I am a bit exhausted and oh how my arm aches!

Apart from all that I had a great time and was thrilled to be able to work with Rose Kingsmill a fabulous and experienced felter.

1 comment:

  1. yay for you, I'm so glad you did it! looking good so far and I'm your #1 follower!
    As for the sack/dress (sass? drack?) either this years wearable art entry or a skirt?
    well done lovey xxx