Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tuesday Night Workshops

Every Tuesday night I meet with some friends to do some stitching and some bitching, sometimes more of one than the other! We all work on whatever we are into on the day, sometimes stitcheries, knitting, crochet and sometimes just reading magazines.
We celebrate birthday's and Christmas with lots of lovely gift giving and occasionally some of us go away together for creative weekends too.
This year we thought it would be fun if once a month one of us led a little workshop. This has been a great idea and I think very successful. So here are the things we have done...

Flour Paste Resist

These are my samples that I have since gone over and highlighted with shiva paint sticks so this is not exactly what the flour paste resist result looks like but if you look at this bottom sample closely you can see the marble vein crackle look in the background and that is the result that we aimed to achieve.

This was a fun to do and I then used the technique I learnt to get the crackle effect on my 'Venice Impressions' art cloth that I made for the Cloth Paper Scissors fabric swap.

The Pear is my favorite and I think turned out really well. I am not sure yet what I might do with it but I think it would look good with some stitching over it.


Literally Literary Love Ball - made from a vintage Mills & Boon!

Map Ball - made from an old truckers guide to Britain!

This was my first workshop and I worked everybody really hard to get this ball complete in 3 hours.
There is a lot of folding and gluing but worth it because these look fantastic!
I saw the tutorial for this over at Folding Trees.

Bride Charm

This is a very sweet little dove that we made suitable for a bridal gift but I think you could also make these as Christmas decorations too.
I love the little bit of lace for the wing and I especially liked how the lace was stitched down to the felt as a stabilizer prior to cutting the wing shape, it made stitching it to the bird body very easy.

Needle Embellishing

In April we used the needle embellishing machine to create a little picture.
These are some of the samples of what we did...

Mermaid on the Rocks

Scottish Highland Scene - apparently I am the only one who sees this!

For these samples I used a piece of acrylic felt and laid out some wool roving's to create a scene, I then used the needle embelisher to attach them to the felt.

This is a sample of attaching slubby wool in coils to a piece of acrylic felt - very effective.

Paper Piecing

Paper piecing was quite fun, I had never done any before and surprisingly ( as it involved hand stitching , which I usually avoid like the plague ) I enjoyed it. Although I will admit that I discovered you can also do this on the machine - yay!

This is what I made using the paper pieced blocks...

It is a Table Runner.

Needle Punch

I think over a year ago now I purchased the needle punch tool kit intending to have a go but hadn't got around to it - until now, and so glad too as it is cool!

Look what I made..

Mini Notebook cover.
Very cute and very happy with how this turned out.

July's workshop is back to me. Not 100% sure what it will be but I thought I would firstly do a little demo on how to make continuous prairie points and then ... that's the bit I'm not sure about!
Have to wait and see.

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