Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fair-ly Exhausted

Tiff and I went to Melbourne last weekend - it has taken me a week to get over it!
We had a good time.

I had my first visit to the vintage habby shop Luccello, Kimono House and Button Mania all in the Nicholas Building on Swanston Street - well worth it - so glad we squeezed that in.

This was my beautifully wrapped self gift from Luccello...

And here is a glimpse of what is inside.

We went to the Quilt and Craft Fair and spent a day and a half rushing up and down the aisles,

I had sore feet.

We did a workshop with Prudence Mapstone - a Knitted Flower Brooch...

Made from Linen Paper.

We also did a workshop using Lutradur and TAP's
Made a Quilted Kimono Purse &
Screen Printed a Tea towel with Louise Snook
(which we left behind but Louise has kindly sent it on to us), I will post a pic when I get it.

And we also went to see the King Tut Exhibition
at the Melbourne Museum on Saturday night.


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