Friday, September 16, 2011

Twisted Threads Bag Exhibition

Today was the first day of the Twisted Threads Bag Exhibition - of which I am one of the exhibitors.

I have 12 Bags entered and there are 103 in total or as my good friend Cheryl said 104 if you include me!

All the Bags are on display until Sunday at the Mt. Gambier Public Library.

"In the Night Garden"

This is a Scrumbled piece of work - It has taken me a long time to get this finished and I was still stitching the lining in ( for the second time as I got it all wonky the first time ) on Thursday morning. It is all crochet stretched over a plastic frame, wood handles and silk lining.

"Memories of Venice"

This is a Pokey Bolton design bag pattern that I got from one of the quilting arts gifts magazines.
It is totally reversible with a continuous handle through the grommets.
I have patched and quilted a mixture of commercial fabrics and some hand painted and stamped that were left over from my surface design project.
The lining is a white with black spotty linen that I have done some free motion quilting on.

"Read all about It"

This is my own design.

It is a very simple plain linen bag with some raw edge applique.
The handles button on and are reversible so you can have colour showing or not.
It is lined with news print fabric - hence the title,
and has a bias binding finish at the top.

"All Tied Up"

This is an Anna Maria Horner pattern from the book Seams to Me.
"I'll Have One of Everything Bag"
I have made it from Vintage Ties.
It has a black silk lining, braided handle and tassels with beads dangling from the corners.

It will go very nicely with the Tie Skirt I intend to make...


This bag is a larger version of Pokey's pattern and I have used a vintage Tapestry that I picked up at the Salvo's together with a wool skirt ( which you can't see ) that I also got at the Salvo's by chance on the same visit.
It has a silk lining that I have quilted and is adorned with silk roses that Philomena showed me how to make last week.


This is a Cross the Body style bag that I have based a mini quilt design from the book -
Whip Up Mini Quilts. It has a black denim back and a long adjustable handle.

"Classic Clutch"

I actually made this last year for the Mt. Gambier Show but I didn't get around to making another leather one for this exhibition which I wanted to so I put this one in at the last minute.
It is a very simple fold over design leather ones side and fabric the other with a button closure.

"Humpty Dumpty"

I made this from fusing plastic bags together including the Humpty from the fibre fill bags.
I would like to explore this technique a bit more I think.

He has a padded lining.

"Purple Hue"

I wasn't sure weather it should be 'purple hue' or 'shades of grey'

This is hand tied dyed fabric that I pieced together then folded and stitched Origami style to create this wonderful pocket rich bag.

I got the technique from Kelly Rachel and was quite taken with the idea.

"Hidden 9 Patch"

I made up this simple bag design to sell at Markets.

I enjoyed selecting fabrics and mixing them up to see what the end result was.

"Snippets Turnover"

I  absolutely adored this fabric way back when and still have a layer cake stashed away in a box deep down somewhere in the craft room!
I started out making this bag to a pattern but it wasn't really working out for me so I finished off in my own way.

"Rainbow Bright"

Again with the Anna Maria "I'll Have One of Everything Bag'
I actually made this first to check that it would work if I used my ties - upon completion I decided that yes it would and risked cutting up some of my precious tie collection.


  1. Wow ! how long did all these take? i especially love the Humpy one and recognised him from the hobbyfill bags straight away.
    I'd love to learn more about the fusing plastic bags process.

  2. yah!!! I can leave comments now!!!! thanks for changing it.

    Love the bags especially 'read all about it'.

  3. love humpty dumpty and the rainbow one.just gorgeous.