Saturday, September 10, 2011

Workshop Extraveganza

This week Philomena Hali of Alice Springs has been teaching in the Mt. and I have been fortunate enough to attend all her workshops...

I love going to workshops
and they are sooo much more convenient when they are in your hometown.

Workshop # 1

On Wednesday we did a Shibori workshop.
Which is a Japanese style tie dying using stitching and some other techniques to create the resist and dyed in the Indigo vat.

the following a a few of my samples...

This is my favorite sample and also the easiest Aussie style slap dash triangle fold with rubber bands way of doing things!

This is a simple wrap the fabric diagonally around the rope then push it all up in a bunch and tie the rope method - quite good.

And this is a meandering path style that you gather the fabric in a wibbly wobbly line then wrap plastic around it tightly before dipping in the dye.

the Indigo vat was quite stinky and I think not my favorite but it was good to learn some different ways to do dying with resist techniques.

Workshop # 2

Thursday and Friday
Deconstruct - Reconstruct Sustainable Couture

or Junky Styling as I like to call it.

This is great.
I really love this sort of thing.
Creating wearables from old favorites or op shop finds.

Ok. This is a unique and very me dress is a creation from a second hand skirt and shrunken jumper that I procured from the wash one day. The jumper is the straps and males a rather good ( and warm ) neckline to the skirt which is just pulled up to chest height. Easy and I love it.

This is Philomena and Myself pleased with results.

This was a skirt that I wore to my sister's wedding just after I'd had my second son - sadly or happily it is now too big but I was loathe to part with it as it is cool and it was also very expensive. Now it is a great and extremely wearable tunic dress.
I really only pulled this up to chest height and used the strap belts that were at the waist to make overall style shoulder straps. I am stoked with this one.

This is a vintage velvet dress that I picked up second hand somewhere for $5.
It was quite a good fit but terribly unflattering.
The neckline just didn't suit or something soo...

I have sewn some random pleats darts gathers or whatever these are called into the top and suddenly it doesn't look too bad.

This is what Gill has been making for me - which was very nice of her.

It will be a wrap over top sort of apron style that ties at the back. It is made from a skirt that she got from the op shop and the binding is a old pair of my capri pants.
I think it would look great if I could wear it with a nice pair of red gingham capri pants... Oh no we cut them up to make the top!

Ha. That was me being funny!

I can feel some more Junky Styling coming on..,

I might even make something in another colour!

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  1. Junky styling crack me up. the tunic dress looks awesome .