Sunday, February 5, 2012

A few Purses & Bags

Purses and bags that I made during January...

The one at the back is my version of Malka Dubrawsky's scrap-busting coin purse..which is in her book Fresh Quilting.

Front right is a Suzuko Koseki design from one of her books
and I can't quite remember which one?

I am using it to keep my finger cymbals in - for Belly Dancing.

Front left is my own design in the Koseki style - it is very tiny!

Sassy Shoppers

I have made these out of reversible linen, so there is a pattern on both the sides of the fabric.
I got this fabric a while ago with every intention of making an 'eco shopper' but I couldn't decide on which pattern to use and one where I had enough fabric...and then a couple of Mollie Makes ago there was a pattern that was just right. So from Mollie Makes magazine issue 5 Sassy Shopper!
Half a yard of fabric was the perfect amount to make the large one.

Pencil Pouches

This is a tutorial I saw over at aspoonfulofsugardesigns

I liked it so I made a few...

And one that is a bit smaller than the others.

And this was a UFO for a while too.

Here is one I made based on the Delightful Linen Bag instructions in the Zakka Style book.

I have had the little post card printed piece for a couple of years now courtesy of Jodie Carlton of Ric-Rac and the Daylesford Retreat, It was an exchange where we did something on the postcard and swapped with another. I have to fess up here and say that I was not really able to use what I got - mainly as it was upside down - so I undid that ladies work - sorry - and did my own. I sort of feel a bit bad but it was an anonymous swap so...

I really like it now.

 I made these ittty bitty pouches for the little travel or car sewing emergency kits.

I was very keen to try out this particular way of sewing these together, sort of outer and lining all together.
I am very happy with how it worked out.

I have only ever seen the instructions on how to do it this way in one book and that is Poppy Treffry's Free & Easy Stitch Style - I just adapted the size to suit my project.

Swiss First Aid Bags

I know it is the Swiss Flag... but really a white bag with a red cross is a bit impractical I think it would get very dirty and look yuck so I though I would try it this way.

I like them.

I got the idea for this out of an Ebook Pretty Patchwork Holidays.

I made it up the way I do all my drawstring bags which is different to the pattern instructions.

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