Thursday, March 29, 2012

Geltwood Festival

Last weekend was the opening of the Geltwood Festival in Millicent.

This is a quilt crafty thing where the town gets together and displays quilts and other handicrafts in the shop windows all along the main street and co-ordinates other craft like events for the weekends.

My friend Judy asked me to submit a few items to add to her (and her friend Julie's) display - this is the second year that I have done this.
For the last 2 years there has been a display in a little room at Millicent Photoworks.
The items have not all been made by me, there are some of
Tiff's, Penny's, Sharon's, Lisa's, Wendy's, Kate's and Kim's in there too.

The display looked fantastic!

Judy and Julie have such wonderful props, they should so totally do a Junk Yard challenge show and I absolutely want to be there the day either have a garage sale!

In the window

A scrappy quilt I made.

And Penny's Tea House wall hanging.

 And Indoors...

Tiff made these foxy things.

Lisa made the little Owl Album cover.

Penny's House wall hanging, Tiff's Tea Cozy
One of Wendy's 3 French Hens ( the green one on the left ).

Kim's Birdie

Sharon's gorgeous pillow looks fab displayed with this quilt.

Tiffs Climbing Rose Lattice wall hanging and Sharon's scalloped edge pillow.

Penny's little Tea-Pot book and my little cutlery tray.

Sharon's Laundry Peg Bag

A couple of quilts I've made.

Lisa's Knitting Needle case.

A little bag I made.

And here are some dolls having a tea party...

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