Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have been doing a little bit of refashioning lately...

Sadly not much in the way of before and after shots - I always chop into things and then go 'oh I should have taken a pic of that,... oh well!'

This is a terry cloth - top, I think.
I picked it up at the thrift store for $1 and thought I could wear it as a skirt...

Well, I could have worn it as it was, but I felt it was a little unflattering, so I cut off the shirred top, shaped the main section to taper in at the waist and then re-sewed the shirred top back on as the waistband.

It worked out quite well and I have worn it out and about.

Here is the finished version - I'm afraid you can not really tell much difference!

The next one is one of my favoured re-makes

Skirt - Dress

I picked up this nice black skirt at the Salvo's in a size too large for me


It has some nice gathered/pleating detail at the top and
I like the zig zag stiching that secures it.

Although the skirt was too big at the waist, the waist did fit nicely around my bust.

I removed the zip added a couple of straps and a little bit of strappy detail at the side and on the voila!

It is difficult to see - sorry about that.

I like it and although it could look a weenie bit maternity, it has been long enough ( since actual maternity days) that I won't be totally mortified if any body asks " when are you due?"!

This one was a bit too easy...

I picked up this tiny little stick insect top and liked the lace neck detail.



I cut it off and made me a necklace.

The following pics are of a vintage beach style house coat that I found.
I started out thinking it wouldn't need any altering and then I did quite a bit...

Basically I added all the black, buttons, bias binding and the lace detail on the pockets.

I am liking a bit of green lately.

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