Friday, October 28, 2011

Notebook Workshop

This was actually a Tuesday night workshop from a couple of weeks ago that I was going to blog about straight away - but stuff happened!

In truth, I also started taking photo's to make this more of a tutorial but that didn't quite get off the ground either -  it is started so maybe I will finish it off one day...


These are the notebooks that we made...

This one I made using one of my lino cuts prints.
Actually my youngest son specially asked me to make this for him.
Something to do with Pirates of the Caribbean...

This is one of mine too.
I like this one and it looks even better in the real.
I gave it to Kate.

This is Sharon's - which is lovely linen with a flower she already made attached.

Tiff's and Kate made the little bitty one from the scraps. Foxy.

Sylvia whipped this up in a matter of minutes - well done!

Wendy's first one...

Wendy's second one.

Kate's looking gorgeous, fab choice of fabric.

And Lisa's is very sweet. Love it.

Group shot - little ones to the front...


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