Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Market

My goodness market time came around very quickly...

I guess with Christmas and New Year in between everything seems to roll into one and here we are half way into the first month of the year without even noticing.


The Library Arts & Craft market was held last Sunday
I was in attendance


these are a few of the new things that I did manage to make in the first week of the month...

Eco soap specially wrapped in vintage Bambi book pages

Wool felt and Lace fabric brooches

Lino Print greeting cards

Kusudama Bookmarks

And some

Kusudama Knitting Needles.


  1. Beautiful work :-) I've often admired your goodies at the market, and particularly love the knitting needles!!

    1. Thank you Stitchingmum, you will have to introduce yourself to me next time you are at the market...