Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Own Backyard

Sometimes you forget the wonders that are in your own backyard...

This is where I live...

Much thought went in to naming...

The Blue Lake

I mean I don't actually live in that little house you can see - that is the pumping station, this lake is also our town water supply.

 I was being a tourist in my home town over the Christmas break and it caught me by surprise, as it often does, about just how blue it can be.

here is a closer look...

and this is just the water...

Totally natural - no photo shopping, well except to re size it but that doesn't count.

I caught it on a good day, I mean it is always blue but some days it is bluer than others.

Some days as you drive past you kind of catch your breath and go "Wow"!

Happy New Year


  1. Spectacular - fingers crossed I'll get to see it first hand later this year.

  2. you are so right, I drove past last week and it took my breath away how blue it was.

  3. Just wanted to pop by and say I gave your log an award. Pop on over and check my post. X