Sunday, January 22, 2012

Treasure Hunt 2012

Inspiration List's for 2012...

Bitchy Stitcher's

1. Something Stripey

2. 4 Calling Birds

3. A Purse

4. Free Choice

5. To Keep Warm

6. An Apron

7. Nativity

8. Fairytale

9. Fun in the Kitchen

10. A Wreath

11. Butterfly Flutterby

12. Funky Fruit

Family & Friends

1. Christmas Pudding

2. Donkey

3. Water

4. Purple

5. Toadstool

6. Red Riding Hood

7. Caravan

8. Froggy Love

9. Red Robin

10. Bird Cage

11. Owls

12. Hessian

It is always fun in January looking through all my books and magazines and searching on-line for things to make that fall under these headings...

I have already been inspired to make a few things...

So, that is my gift challenges for the year...

To be ready by Christmas.

I am feeling pretty good about them all at this stage,
I think I've got it sorted!

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