Sunday, August 5, 2012


I am going to have to back track a little,

First to Lisa's Birthday ( which was in June )

This is the gift I made...

It is a paper craft,

Papier Mache letters covered in book pages and paper flowers for embellishment.


this is the card I made...

I have actually made a heap of these ready for upcoming birthdays. 

July is my birthday...

This is the gift display I woke up to

Very gorgeous.

And a yummy cake.

This sweet little stitchery / applique was a gift from Kate

I suggested that I would be happy with just the stitchery and then I could make it up into something - I like the making more than the stitching mostly.

So Kate went with that and so did Lisa...

I have often admired the stitchery in this book, but knew I would never do it so I dropped a big hint and Lisa took it up.
Lisa completed the stitchery and I have made it into the cushion.

Looks Fab.

I am very pleased with this.

I decided since it turned out so well,
 I will do a cushion with the one Kate did too.

This was a gift from Sharon, a beautiful bag that I think was a project from Inspired Stitches 2011 in Adelaide.

I do love the colours.

Tiff has made me some doilies...

And Wendy made me a Tissue Box cover...

I have told the girls that I intend to change the colour scheme in the bedroom to yellow, grey, black and white so now I have some lovely things for the 'new room' - I just have to do the hard stuff, paint the walls and things.

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