Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt

For years the Bitchy Stitchers have done Christmas in a pretty special way...

We start off with a list of 12 items and over the year, hopefully, make all the items on the list with our own interpretation to be gifted to all the others in the group during our 'Christmas Dinner'.
In the past it was pot luck who got your gift - depended where you were sitting on the night, but this year I cleverly drew up a chart as to who received what gift so we could know in advance who was receiving it and make something we knew that person would like.
This worked well.

So for 2011 this was our list:

1. Three French Hens
2. Tie Dye
3. Fleur de Lis
4. A Pot Plant
5. Woodland Creature
6. A Gadget Accessory
7. Sew Charming
8. A Fragrant Soap
9. A Bon-Bon
10. Oh Christmas Tree
11. Something You Can Play
12. Snow Globe

We compile the list at the end of the previous years 'Christmas Dinner' everyone puts a few ideas into the hat and we draw out the 12 - it's all very exciting.

So I shall begin by showing you what I gave as my gifts...

This is them all wrapped up.

1. Three French Hens for Sylvia

These are little softies, could be used as pin cushions or as Xmas decorations.
The fabric is a twelve days of Xmas print.

2. Tie Dye for Kate

I purchased the little Heart Top and made the Patchwork Tote using some of the fabric I dyed in the Indigo Vat at the Philomena Hali workshop also I included a couple of pieces of the hand dyed fabric we made on the October long weekend.

And here is Kate wearing her gifts.

3. Fleur de Lis for Tiff

5 Handmade cards using Fleur de Lis embossed card stock and chipboard embellishments and a pair of slippers - I satin stitched the Fleur de Lis buttons.
I purchased a set of stencils and the paper punch.

4.  A Pot Plant for Linda

Patchwork Cactus Pin Cushion and a Cactus pen which I thought was rather cool and some chive seeds in a tiny jar which is a bit sweet too.

5. Woodland Creature for Sharon

Little Bitty mini quilt based on one by Aimee Ray in the book Pretty Little Mini Quilts
and an Owl brooch.

6. Gadget Accessory for Lisa

A sweet little drawstring bag an embroidered covered Tape Measure using a printed fabric piece by Kristen Doran and a GHD Travel case.

7. Sew Charming for Wendy

A pretty Handbag using some charming sewing notions fabric, I also included a Sweetwater charm square pack.

8. A Fragrant Soap for Sylvia.

Handmade soap - this was my first attempt.

9. Bon-Bon for Kate

Gorgeous Crown taken from a pattern in the book Stash Happy Felt and a Strawberry scissor fob - heart shape pencil sharpener from an actual bon-bon.
Also I did up a little travel pouch with some Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries I collected when I stayed at the Hilton a couple of months ago and this came together with the inclusion of a Bon-Bon soap.

10. Oh Christmas Tree for Tiff

Some bunting, I pieced some narrow strips of greenish fabrics onto some green hessian then cut out the trees sewed the bias binding along the tops and a little button on the top of each tree and Ta Da - looks pretty cute.
Also a felt tree pin cushion.

11. Something You Can Play for Linda

6 Handmade cards using scrapbook paper with playing cards print, a homemade compilation of 80's music CD and an iPod pouch.
I purchased the Christmas playing cards and lady bird castanets.

12. Snow Globe for Sharon

DIY Snow Globe with Bambi pictures sourced from a vintage book.
Hand stitched design snow globe on a little squeeze clip purse,
and a table top glass dome with Christmas lights.


Now here are the pics of the gifts I received...

Most of these photos were taken on 'the night'.

1. Three French Hens from Wendy
Softies suitable to stay out all year round - Yay.


2. Tie Dye from Lisa

This is a Belly Dance bag and has been embellished with little silver coins on the end of the tie. 

3. Fleur de Lis from Sharon

A shoe bag with the Fleur de Lis needle turned on to it and a cast iron door knocker.

4. Pot Plant from Linda

A beautiful Poinsettier

5. Woodland Creature from Tiff

Cool Foxy - I think from the book Country Softies, Drawstring Bag and Luggage Tag and a Desk Bunny - his ears are scissors!

6. Gadget Accessory from Kate

A Gorgeous Sewing Machine Cover and a sweet little memory stick keeper to keep all my craft patterns on - great idea.

7. Sew Charming from Sylvia

4 fat quarters.

8. A Fragrant Soap from Wendy

Soap purchased while on holiday in Fiji

9. Bon-Bon from Lisa

Beutiful handstitched Bon-Bons filled whith special items for each of us.
Lego lucky dips for the boys which they were wrapped with.

10. Oh Christmas Tree from Sharon

Quilted wall hanging Advent calendar complete with homemade chocolates.

11. Something You Can Play from Linda

Pick up Sticks

12. Snow Globe fom Tiff

Tiff wasn't all that keen on the Snow Globe theme so she went with another Woodland Creature one with the bag and two litlle snow globes.

All the Loot - Looks great!

You really cant beat it, so much fun.

And because Tiff and I were having such a hoot with all this Our Family decided that they too wanted to be in on it all, so we do it all again with a few members of our family and a couple of family friends.

So more goodies to come.


  1. what a great idea!!! Sounds like you had heaps of fun thinking up and making the pressies.

  2. That is an amazing effort & in the true spirit of Christmas.

  3. What a gorgeous idea! I love it.