Friday, December 30, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt - Two

So as I mentioned the Treasure Hunt proved to be so much fun that there were a couple of girls in our family who did not want to miss out on anything, so we started a family one that they could be a part of, which over the years has also grown to include more family and friends.

For 2011 the Family Treasure Hunt list was:

1. Stripes
2. Bunting
3. Cupcake
4. Elephant
5. Paper Project
6. Felt
7. Scandinavian
8. Forest Friend
9. Gingerbread
10. Something Vintage
11. Reindeer
12. Camel

So as before, I will begin by showing you the gifts I made...

1. Stripes for Vanessa

One of the Mary Jane Stockings and little squeeze clip purse with one of the silk flower brooches attached to the front.

2. Bunting for Carol

This is Union Jack Bunting as Carol hails from the UK

3. Cupcake for Tiff

This is a vintage cupcake pan, painted and filled with Perle 8 goodness.

4. Elephant for Penny

This is a patchwork bag a vintage book and some cute sticky tape.

5. Paper Project for Annie

Hand made book up cycled from an old readers digest cover that I have finished tearing all the pages from.

6. Felt for Gill

This is a little Brooch and I also included a whole heap of felt flowers which I cut out on the Ezy Press die cutting machine thingy that she can use for her own embellishments.

7. Scandinavian for Bev

This doubled as a show entry back in October

8. Forest Friend for Vanessa

This is a little purse with bears on it a Bear bag tag
 some stickers, a pack of cookie cutters and a little hedgie cat toy.

9. Gingerbread for Carol

These are taken from a pattern in the 2010 sewing calendar.

10. Something Vintage for Tiff

This is a Apron Overlay made from vintage Kimono pieces and a matching brooch.

11. Reindeer for Penny

This is soo cute, I just love him. It is a pattern in the Scandinavian Stitches book by Clare Youngs - I really like her style and have three of her books.

12. Camel for Annie

Pattern by Pauline McArthur was in Homespun


Something Camel coloured. ( that would be the brownish bit on the back )

I asked Annie if she would like an actual Camel or something Camel coloured or both?

And she said " Is that a trick question?"

And here we all are after we had unwrapped dour gifts.
L - R Gill, Bev, Tiff, Annie, Scooby and Penny.
Vanessa and Carol live in Perth.

And now a closer look at all the gifts I received...

1. Stripes from Bev

A Notebook

2. Bunting from Gill

Each one has a little stitchery on it.

3. Cupcake from Annie

This is an original mixed media artwork and a felted wool pincushion made from a pattern in the Betz White book Warm Fuzzies - love that.

4. Elephant from Penny

A sweeet softie, a zippered pencil case, a cookie cutter
and the dearest little needle felted Blue Ellie

5. Paper Project from Tiff

A really cool Pear memo pad and the pre cut and printed ruler paper to make paper chains.

6. Felt from Carol

Some Santa serviette holders and a Piggy needle book

7. Scandinavian from Vanessa

This is a notice board - I know it says so on it.

8. Forest Friend from Bev

A sweet little Owl softie

9. Gingerbread from Gill

This is a wreath with little gingies all over it as well as some snowmen.

12. Camel from Tiff
Very sweet Camel decorations - I love their pack rolls.

10. Something Vintage from Annie

This is a desktop tidy covered with vintage style papers and some lace.

11. Reindeer from Penny

These are 2 cork reindeer made by Susie Clark and purchased at the Library Market
and a stitchery ready for me to make into something...?

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