Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Gallery Shop

The manager of the Riddoch Art Gallery asked me if I was interested in putting some of my handmade items in the Gallery shop back in November, so we had a little meeting and I showed her some of the things I make and she selected several things and said "I will have 6 of this and 12 of that and 6 of something else and all these handmade cards" and I went "ok" and then spent a week and a half madly producing it all so I could have it delivered by the 2nd of December as requested.

It all went well but I forgot to photograph it so I had to wait til the gallery opened on the 11th to go in to the shop and photograph it on the shelves!

All looks pretty good and what is even better - well I think anyway is that it is directly across from the Haigh's Chocolates!

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