Monday, January 7, 2013

Art Show

St. Martins Annual Art Show

Tell me a Story from Your Book

I had a bit of involvement with the St. Martins College Annual Art Show.
Running a raffle , helping set up and welcoming on opening night.
That sort of thing.

I donated this quilt as a raffle prize.

It is a wonderful Art Show and the quality of work is excellent.

I did a few displays of my quilts and things that I've made but generally this is more of an Art as in Paintings show in which the Children get to see some of their best work for the year displayed and the Yr 12 Art students work can be viewed and moderated.

A couple of Yr 5 girls have been sewing and made the Kitty & the Monkey.

My youngest sons ( Yr 2 ) Geometric Design

Agnes' ( Yr 3 ) Whale

Lizzie's ( Yr 8 ) Landscape of the Blue Lake

Annie's ( Yr 10 ) Portrait of Twiggy
Penny's Year 12 Art Installation

I did these little Alice in Wonderland series of drawings.

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