Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mount Gambier Show

More from the Show
These are the items that I entered in 2012

 Patchwork Bag

Quilt under 1m

Unfortunately this did get disqualified because apparently I can't measure properly and it was in fact just over 1m!

 Patchwork Quilt 1
I got 1st Prize for this one.

Patchwork Quilt 2

Patchwork Quilt 3

Article in Recycled Material, this is made from a vintage Tea-towel.

Hand Quilting under 30cm

This also got disqualified because it has applique on it - Whatevs...
This is the Hot Iron travel case I gave to Kate for her birthday and sadly Lisa also entered the matching Hair Dryer Bag and got disqualified too!

Embroidered Bag- 1st Prize

Embellished with Buttons - 1st Prize

Article in Commercial Felt

Craft Clock - it was a bit of a stretch of the truth since the red wool fabric was not actually completely truly felt, but the grey and the green definitely are, so...
It got 2nd prize.

Embroidered Cushion- 2nd Prize

Patchwork Cushion - 3rd Prize

Soft Toy1 - 1st Prize

Soft Toy 2 - 3rd Prize

Christmas Decoration 1 - 3rd Prize

Christmas Decoration 2
Christmas Decoration 3 - 2nd Prize
 Any other article in needlework - Crochet Roll
I got 2nd Prize for this.

Pin Cushion

 Needle Case - 1st Prize

Novelty Gift under $7 - 3rd Prize


Here they are on Display...

All went pretty well I think.



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