Monday, January 14, 2013


Lavender Sachets - Bonbonniere

A few months ago, a lovely couple visiting the Riddoch Art Galllery purchased one of my little Lavender Sachets and liked them so much they contacted me to see if I would make them as Bonbonniere for their Wedding in December...

My immediate thought ( and question ) was " How many"? - worried that the reply would be 300 or something crazy, but it was 80 and I felt this was achievable.

So I said YES...

We discussed image options and the couple decided they liked the original one they had purchased with vintage style glasses stamped on it and they would have 40 with that image and 40 with an artists paint brush on it. They kindly made this easy for me by organising and sending me the stamp that they would like me to use.

Funnily enough I discovered after some communication that the 'boy' grew up in Mt. Gambier and he was in fact a year above me at high school!

I enjoyed this challenge. Although mass production is boring it was also equally if not more satisfying to see the finished product and knowing that these were going to be part of someones 'Special Day' made it extra good.

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