Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12 Days of Family


12 Days of Family Christmas

Treasure Hunt

Afternoon Tea

1. Christmas Pudding
I made these self covered button decorations for Vanessa

I received these Caramel Crown Pudding biscuits from Annie

2. Donkey

I made this Travel Sewing Kit set for Carol

and I received this stitchery from Penny.

Which I made into this Mug Rug.

3. Water

 I made this Cloudy Day Mug Rug for Tiff, following a pattern in the Zakka Style book.

I received this Origami style drawstring bag from Bev.

4. Purple

 I made these For Gill. a Sashiko Bag
 A Zippered Pencil Case

 And this little scissor keep.

and Gill made me this Belly Dancing Bag.

5. Toadstool

 I made these little Lavender bags and

these little drawstring bags for Bev.

 I received these toadstool crochet pots from Tiff and a couple of woodland mushrooms too.

6. Red Riding Hood

  I made this drawstring bag for Penny

  And also this delightful linen bag

and I received this fabric covered cork board in an embroidery hoop from Carol.

Here on display with the woodland mushrooms.

7. Caravan

I made this softie caravan for Annie.

I received this book and bookmark from Vanessa.

8. Froggy Love

 These are the things I gave to Vanessa

 A drawstring bag

 A fabric bucket

 and a coin purse

And I received these paper boxes filled with Freddo frogs from Annie.

9. Red Robin

 I made this button brooch for Carole

and this little felt purse.

and I received these things from Penny, some sculpey pins a felt bird and a mono print.

10. Birdcage

I did a delightful linen bag with some birdcage print fabric on it for Tiff and I can't have taken a photo of it, so I must do that one day...

I received this cushion from Bev.

11. Owls

I made one of these for Gill, this is actually the one I made for myself, I must have missed taking a picture of the one I made for Gill.

  Gill made this framed stitchery for me,

and this Christmas apron.

12. Hessian

I made these bookends for Bev.

Tiff made me this pear doorstop and also gave me some lovely linen hessian too.

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