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12 Days of Christmas


The 12 Days of Christmas

Bitchy Stitcher's Treasure Hunt

Gift Giving Extravaganza!

Wrapped and Ready
This is the Bingo Prize.
Hessian Wreath

1. Something Stripey

 I gave these 2 stripey stockings to Kate

and I received this stripey pillow from Wendy.

2. 4 Calling Birds

 I made a set of coasters to match these mugs

 and  some door handle decorations

 and this mini owl bunting which is a tutorial by moonstitches

and I received this pretty stitchery and fabric from Sharon,
ready for me to make into something fabulous.

3. A Purse

These I gave to Tiff.
 This little bitty one that is just the right size to hold a set of zills
 - which are finger cymbals used in Bellydancing

And this scrappy hexies purse in Liberty prints.

I received these little crochet purses from Tiff.

4. Free Choice

I made this wristlet for Sharon using a Melly and Me pattern that was part of the Daylesford Experience Kit from a couple of years ago. 
It is called Out with the Girls mellyandme.

And I received this sweetest little crochet Reindeer from Lisa - Love...

5. To keep warm

For Wendy
 I made these pocket hand warmers

and this Snuggly Bunny Warmer which was a pattern from Bustle and Sew

and I received from Kate these little sweetie hand warmers and the crochet tea cup cozy. 

6. An Apron

This is the Apron I made for Kate, it is a pattern in the book Patchwork Holidays.

 And here she is modeling it for me

And this is me wearing the Apron I received from Wendy

 ( Tiff took this photo...)



Tiff & Wendy

7. Nativity

This is the nativity set that I stitched for Lisa.
I used a colouring in diorama as the inspiration and they are double sided, so they can sit on the coffee table and be enjoyed from all angles.

This is a close up of Mary, Baby Jesus and Joseph.

And this is the special bag to keep them in or the 'Stable' if you like.

I received this Nativity Doorstop from Sharon.

Nativity and Dessert made by Wendy ( the Nativity placemat - not the dessert ) for Kate.

8. Fairytale

I did a fairly simple covered journal for Tiff using the Princess and the pea fabric,

and a bookmark to go with it.

Tiff made me these very cool Red Hood & Wolfie dolls.

Here they are on display in the forest at home.

9. Fun in the Kitchen

I made this Lunch bag for Sharon.
I followed this tutorial by Pink Penguin
I really enjoyed making this.

 I added afew items to go with it, including the crochet apple cozy that I made following a pattern in Mollie Makes, a Strawberry colapsable shopping bag, a strawberry keeper and
a banana keeper.

 This is the gift I received from Lisa.
Some fun cookie cutters
a set of place mats coasters and napkins.

Here it is set out beautifully.

And here is everyone having fun!

10. A Wreath

I made this Wreath for Wendy

I received this wreath from Kate and the little crochet earrings too.

11. Butterfly Flutterby

 This was my gift to Kate.

 I made this little needle book following the tutorial by nanaCompany


 and I tried a freehand stitched then painted technique for this little zippered pouch.

 I received this gift from Wendy.
A tissue pouch using a nifty technique
and a framed stitchery by Cinderberry Stitches.

12. Funky Fruit

I made this little bag for Lisa.
The pattern for this is in the book Zakka Sewing.

I also made this pear pin cushion for the sewing machine.
This was a pattern in a Better Homes magazine.

And I gave Lisa this crochet apple cozy that Tiff made while I made the one for Sharon.

Sharon made me this lunch bag, which was kind of funny since I made her a lunch bag for 'Fun in the Kitchen' and funnier still was that inside my lunch bag was a strawberry shopping bag just like I put in Sharon's bag! - great minds think alike!

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