Sunday, February 17, 2013

Handmade Wardrobe

I like to make skirts.

The week the kids went back to school,
I decided I would make a new skirt to go with a necklace my friend Donna gave me.

It kind of snowballed.

 This is where I started.
Skirt to go with new necklace (hanging on the left).
An A-Line skirt made from purple stretch linen.
I added a couple of pockets to the front to jazz it up a bit.


 Next up was a plain black stretch linen A-Line (you'll start to see a bit of a theme here),
to be worn under my apron overlays.

This Sashiko panel finally became an Apron Overlay in January after about 2 years of procrastination about what I should make with it!
My friend Kim did the Sashiko work on the grey wool and gave it to me saying
"I know you will make something great out of this", the pressure!
It nearly became a lunch bag and then suddenly (after I had already made one cut)
I stopped and thought again.
I'm glad I did. I will enjoy wearing this.


Natural Stretch Linen A-Line Skirt.
Very Plain

Multi Task Tote
Pattern by Anna-Maria Horner
I have to say although this bag looks reasonably basic, the pattern gave me a really hard time.

Another of my little Apron Overlays.
This is not my usual colour scheme, this is very beige for me.

Heart design in Black Grey and Burnt Orange.


Apricot Print Skirt.
Another one that is not my usual choice, a bit outside the square...


Black and White Jersey Knit Skirt.


Super Stretchy Dark Purple Skirt


Super Stretchy Red Skirt.


 I want to wear this apron as a skirt overlay, but it just hasn't quite worked.
I am re-thinking it.

 Plain Black jersey knit skirt.
Very comfy.

Cafe Bag, pattern by Jodie Carlton of Ric Rac
This is one form last years Daylesford Retreat.

 Linen Skirt and Cafe Bag.

I can proudly say - or perhaps - be embarrassed to admit...

that I had all this in my stash.

Well, the truth is...
You can't actually notice a difference in my skirt fabric stash after taking all this out!

I might make some more...

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